May 13th, 2016
Animals act differently when they know you are there, right? Whether it’s your house cat or a leopard in the wilds of Africa if they see us the whole story changes. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid being spotted, although most safari experts agree that when you are out in a 4×4 on a game drive the wild animals tend to only see the “outline” of the vehicle and cannot separate the human shape from the outline of the car unless the profile is broken (ie – don’t stand up or lean out of the vehicle on a game drive!). One of our favorite ways to observe wildlife in action with as little imprint as possible is by using a hide or a blind.

May 12th, 2016
We already miss Cape Town…and we’ve only been home a few days. The Mother City is pumping right now – it’s the place to be. One of our favorite spots was just featured by Vougue, and we can’t agree more. Bree Street is a hub of trendiness and fine, albeit approachable, dining in Cape Town.

May 11th, 2016
Food is a big part of any holiday and we think that South Africa has some of the best safari cuisine available. Kapama is one of our favorite spots to enjoy a gourmet meal after a successful day of game driving in their private reserve. Bring a little bit of safari home with you and prepare this tasty dish – you can substitute the duck with pork if you prefer!

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