15 Reasons To Visit Sossusvlei: Part 3

7. Ponder the unsolved mystery of the fairy circles

A largely unexplained phenomenon, the Namib Desert is populated by mysterious, grass-ringed patches called fairy circles. Puzzlingly scattered across the stark desertscape, these curious circles not only appear to be evenly spaced, but they also never overlap. There are countless, some even laughable, theories, from underground fire-breathing dragons and dust-bathing ostriches, to armies of ants and termites, underground gases and plants simply competing for water. Fairy circles remain an unsolved mystery, and perhaps what we love about them the most, is that they are the perfect size and setting for romantic, lantern-lit dinners-for-two under the stars. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Wander aimlessly amidst 900-year-old tree skeletons

____________________________________________________________________________________________ At the foot of Big Daddy is the hauntingly beautiful Deadvlei, or ‘dead marsh’. Thousands of years ago, the Tsauchab River flooded, creating temporary shallow pools of water that encouraged the growth of these camel thorn trees. Centuries later, an unforgiving drought killed the trees and the relentless hot sun scorched them black. It is a picture perfect, yet haunting, graveyard of eerie tree skeletons that poke out from the most picturesque, cracked white clay. A forest frozen in time, you simply have to see Deadvlei in person. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Celebrate every magnificent sunset

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Enjoy unforgettable sundowner stop on the dunes, be sure to stop and watch as the colors constantly change and the sun casts its golden amber glow on the russet dunes. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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