20 Incredible Photos from Busanga Plains

This month we’re sharing a few Olympus-inspired African safari wildlife photographs from the remote and pristine Busanga Plains in Zambia’s Kafue National Park.

In 2018 Wilderness Safaris joined forces with Olympus in an exciting partnership to enhance our wildlife photography experience in camps. The result of this partnership has produced incredible images taken by guests, guides and camp managers alike.

Olympus Photo Hubs, set up at selected camps across Botswana, Rwanda, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, allow our guests to enjoy capturing images while our Wilderness photographic guides assist with sharing tips on how best to capture those powerful wilderness moments.

Isaac Kalio, Wilderness Safaris Shumba Guide, shares his top 20 favorite Olympus images taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.

Enjoy viewing this beautiful selection!



An early morning hunt through dew-laden grass



An elephant bull approaching our vehicle. We all know who’s boss here!



Early morning light perfectly complemented by two grey crowned cranes



A buffalo bull peers through the tall grasses



These two males arrived in 2018 as nomads. They are now well settled, and are breeding with our lionesses.



Lechwe in the mist at sunrise – taken from the deck of Shumba Camp



A large flock of open-billed storks. The storks have adapted to living on snails and fresh water mussels.



Elephants cross a channel making their way to an acacia island



The nomads in a ‘kick-boxing’ match!



Grey crowned cranes display their impressive wingspan in the misty early morning light.



We watched this lioness from across the channel, only a few meters from our boat!



Puku are common in Busanga, and are differentiated from lechwe by their habitat (found in the dryer, rank grass alongside floodplains) and smaller size; they also do not have the lechwe’s distinguishing black bands on their forelegs.



A lioness eating grass as a way to ease uncomfortable digestion.



Sable – another beautiful African antelope, not often seen in such large numbers.



Low-level and close-up shots taken from the boat.



Lechwes leap through deep water channels as they flee a pursuing predator.



A lioness wards off a yellow-billed kite.



At the beginning of the season, the channels are too deep for lions to cross. They prefer to leap from one riverbank to the other to avoid getting wet!



Spur-winged geese are commonly seen on game drives.



Queen, the oldest lioness on the Plains, still has a lot of energy to leap across channels!

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