In addition to the recommendation from the WHO and the SA Government with regards to Social distancing, Sanitization, Screening and medical Support Services, another key factor that South Africa’s Kapama Private Game Reserve has focused our attention on, is our valued and dedicated staff.

With the expected shortage of face masks, the Kapama management team that remained at Kapama during the Nationwide lockdown have thrown their hearts and souls into a wonderful initiative.

An idea came about to manufacture our masks for the 500+ staff members and their families that Kapama employs every month. The majority of these employees come from local communities. The material used was from the high-quality linen from the 4 Kapama Lodges that has been replaced over the past couple of years. (not sure if that makes sense.)

Each mask consists of 3 layers of fabric and in between each layer is a special membrane filter that’s waterproof as well as breathable, preventing droplets from getting through. Whenever our management team has a few moments they each take turns cutting, sewing, threading elastic to complete as many masks as they can. Each mask will be sanitized through steaming and vacuum packed in bundles of 10 to eliminate any other form of contamination.

We are going to continue with the masks and help as many people as possible. We have enough linen to make thousands and if we can extend the capacity, we aim to distribute to the larger community around Kapama.





Currently, the management team has been able to make over 500 masks. We have already kitted out our anti-poaching unit and all members of our security team and staff that remained on Kapama. Within the next week or two, Kapama will be in a position to produce an additional 200 masks.

Once South Africa moves into level three on 1st June, our team will be in a better position to begin distributing a small number to local Communities.

In addition to the manufacturing of mask for staff, Kapama has also sponsored a significant amount of old linen to Hlokomela – an NGO that Kapama has been involved with for a long time. Hlokomela is an award-winning HIV and AIDS educational and treatment programme targeting workers, including foreign migrants, in the agriculture, nature conservation and tourism sectors in The Greater Kruger.

Hlokomela has needed to produce a large number of masks for the plantation and Orchard workers who are picking oranges in and around the community. Part of their income development projects initiatives is the sewing project. The donated linen has gone a long way to assist them in their sewing project and ensuring the workers are appropriately equipped and remain safe following the SA Government and WHO regulations. To learn more about Hlokomela and the incredible work they do





As our World and South Africa slowly begins to adjust to what has been coined the “new normal”, if we all stand together and do our part, we will come through this stronger than ever. Kapama Private Game Reserve eagerly awaits your visit when you are ready to travel once more.