Join the first-ever all-women run across Africa’s vast Serengeti plains to raise funds for girl & women empowerment.

Whether on foot or supporting from the shadow vehicle, we’re calling on runners of all levels to become part of this three-day journey of women united for a common cause.

African Safari


This once-in-a-lifetime, all-women run across the Serengeti wilderness will raise funds for girl and women empowerment programs – creating the next generation of female leaders in conservation.


Tanzania Safaris


Experience the Serengeti like never before as you traverse the vast plains on foot followed by a shadow vehicle and support team. End off each day with sunset game drives and evenings around the campfire at Singita Explore, a private use tented camp right in the heart of this 350,000 acre piece of African wilderness.


In line with Singita’s commitment to women’s empowerment programs in the Serengeti, a portion of the nightly rate will be subsidized as further support of this initiative.


African Safari