African Photographic Safari

From as far back as travelers begin to adventure through the vast plains, thick forests and desert sands of Africa, the need to capture the experience and wild encounters has been present. From age old paintings, to modern day telescopic camera lens, the majestic lands and fascinating wildlife bring out a passion in us all to capture a visual record.

While all of Africa Safari Company’s itineraries offer wonderful wildlife and scenic photography opportunities, we've teamed up with professional nature photographers Bob Harvey and Diane Kelsay, and handpicked departures for those looking to really develop their skills. Paying close attention to every detail, these special photographic safari adventures are designed for a wide range of passionate enthusiasts from budding beginners to semi-professionals.

Travel through the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater of Tanzania learning to capture that flawlessly timed wildlife shot, or find the perfect lens to bring out the amazing colors and architecture in Casablanca. The small, intimate groups of these departures bring together like minded people in a focused environment that produce amazing adventures and an unrivaled opportunity to truly hone your photography skills.

African Safari Company's Recommended Photographic Safaris

"It is our primary goal that each participant come back a better photographer. For some people, that means learning new techniques. For others, it means mastering the equipment they carry with them. For most, it means improving one's ability to "see", to compose, and to visualize a finished image. For all, it means reviving one's energy and inspiration by sharing special experiences and places with others who view the world in terms of creative compositions."

Group Leaders: Bob Harvey & Diane Kelsay

South Africa Safari with Nature Photography Adventures 2016 TRIP FULL, 2018 trip available

Tanzania Safari with Nature Photography Adventures 2017

Namibia Safari with Nature Photography Adventures 2017

Morocco Safari with Nature Photography Adventures 2015/2018 New Trip Dates for 2018 TBD

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