The Camp

Serian’s Serengeti South Camp is set in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, on the southernmost tip of the short-grass plains. It operates when the migrating herds are in the area and during the wildebeest calving months from mid-December to May. With only six spacious, comfortable tents with a view over the wildebeest calving grounds, the camp is one of the most intimate safari experiences available. Each tent has a real bed with cozy linens, bathrobes, an en-suite bathroom with a flushing toilet and bucket shower, 24-hour electricity powered by generator.

The Location and Experience

In this area of the Serengeti/Ngorongoro ecosystem, 1.8 million wildebeest give birth to 3-400,000 calves in the space of 3-4 weeks, and the predators that follow bring one of Africa’s best dramas to life. There are the very exciting chances of seeing a resident pack of wild dog, too. Off-road driving, night drives and the opportunity to walk with Hadzabe hunter-gatherers make this a very special place. Close to Seketeti Escarpment, a 3,000 ft drop-off to Lake Eyasi, is one of Tanzania’s most stunning settings and the ideal spot for our fly camp. Meals are hosted family style in the elegant candlelit mess tent at Serian’s Serengeti South, complete with gourmet bush cuisine and South African wines. Possibly the biggest draw at Serian’s camps? The award-winning guiding team. Each group of travelers gets their own exclusive safari team during their stay: a private 4x4 safari vehicle, dedicated naturalist guide and highly-trained spotter.

Serian Serengeti South Camp


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