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Blue Creek


Blue Creek Village is a Mopan and Kekchi village of about 270 people. The community lies along flat roads, spanning both sides of Blue Creek. Clusters of thatch huts border both sides of Blue Creek, a beautiful, clear stream emerging from the surrounding thick jungle. Upstream of the bridge is a wide blue-green pool where Maya women beat their laundry on the smooth stones. The banks are lined with tall shady trees. The reflection of the thick jungle rainforest, which lines both sides, is clearly visible in the surface of the creek. Hidden deep in this Southern Belize community, nestled along the same banks of Blue Creek is IZE’s private 200-acre rainforest preserve and wildlife sanctuary.

When the founder of the rainforest reserve, Frederick J. Dodd, set out to explore the area his experience was no pavement, no stop lights, no television, no resorts, just mile after mile of bumpy dirt roads and what seemed to be a never-ending expanse of rainforest. Parrots, toucans, monkeys, jaguar, reptiles and amphibians were everywhere. Today, Blue Creek is much the same. Hot water and power are available now for comfort, but the jungle stays unaltered. The same winding paths traveled by Dodd are the same used today.


Blue Creek has also become an adventure destination offering canopy walks, 9 zip lining courses and rock jumping at almost any crystal blue water hole. The wildlife, as in any rainforest, does not disappoint. Over 500 species of ornate birds can be observed from the keel-billed toucan to the purple -crowned fairy. The roar of the howler monkeys can frequently be heard resonating throughout the forest. Jaguars, though extremely rarely seen, are also found in Blue Creek. Keep your eyes down and you may even come across a track or two.

The Blue Creek Preserve its myriad of interconnecting clear blue water pools teeming with exotic fish with an exquisite mountain backdrop to be taken in with the perfect afternoon dip and snorkel after an exciting trek through the rainforest and canopy view on a zipline are just a few reasons why any Belize adventurer should not miss this amazing destination. Blue Creek also has an intricate cave system ripe for exploring with crystalline lagoons, crashing waterfalls and mineral pools. This rainforest paradise is the ideal place to observe and interact with an untouched and complex jungle ecosystem full of Belize’s finest flora and fauna as well as learning and visiting the Mayan communities that are in close proximity.


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The Lodge at Big Falls
The Lodge at Big Falls offers elegant accommodation, fine food and drink and relaxation in a peaceful riverside setting. The Lodge at Big Falls is situated on the banks of the Rio Grande river. The property is located on a meander of the river with almost a mile of river frontage.

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