Borana Lodge

With the snow-tipped peaks and glaciers of Mount Kenya to the south and a panorama of mountains and desert to the north, Borana provides an idyllic setting for any African experience. Michael & NIcky Dyer Or just relax in the harmonious comfort of Borana Lodge or the discreet private residence Laragai House. Come and experience safari in Kenya and let us be the ones to turn your dreams into reality on an exciting wildlife safari.

"We are dedicated to the sustainable conservation of land and wildlife. Our holistic approach commits tourism, ranching and other enterprise to building local livelihoods and enhancing ecosystem integrity."
Michael & Nicky Dyer

Accommodation at Borana Lodge

With panoramic views over the Samangua Valley and the Lewa Plains to the Ngare Ndare Forest and Mount Kenya beyond, The Lodge offers eight romantic and unique cottages, each with an open fireplace and private veranda. The grandfather of the present owners of Borana fell in love with the wildness and soul-enriching isolation of this land. In building the lodge, the Dyers took care not to lose this while ensuring that the Lodge offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort. All cottages are entirely secluded and have private views from both bedroom and bathroom of the valley below.

The Lodge is set in a verdant garden of largely indigenous plants chosen for their scents, colors and flowers. From the infinity pool guests can watch the elephants wandering their well-trodden path to the watering hole or simply relax, read and soak up the sun. The pool veranda is a favorite place for a long, leisurely lunch watching the natural world unfold before you. In the dining room at the main lodge guests can sample fresh produce from the Ranch, fresh juice from the Borana orchard and wines from around the world. In the sitting room, sofas and armchairs surround a huge open fireplace and picture windows guarantee a continuing vista to the plains below.All areas of the Lodge overlook a lake that is a popular watering hole for the local animals so there is constant activity for guests to watch. Take a guide and walk down to the dam to enjoy a close-up view of elephants swimming!

Activities at Borana Lodge

Borana offers some of the most thrilling, authentic and unique ways to encounter Kenya’s wildlife and wilderness thanks to our conservation efforts. The conservancy strives to retain this land as pristine wilderness that guests are able to enjoy first hand, be it walking through the bush, riding on ranch horses or mountain bikes, driving in the open-top safari vehicles, or lounging at the infinity pool and enjoying the view. Since Borana is a private property, there is guaranteed exclusivity, making every aspect of the safari experience personal, peaceful and uninterrupted - giving guests the rare opportunity to be totally immersed in nature. But don't let us hold you back - you can always go fishing, rock climbing or even paragliding, make the suggestion and we will try to make it happen.

Borana Conservancy is part of the wider Laikipia ecosystem, holding an abundance and diversity of wildlife comparable to any of Kenya’s national parks. Critically endangered species, such as the Patas monkey, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Reticulated Giraffe, Greater Kudu, African Wild Dog and Elephants are resident on Borana. Securing their habitat and increasing the conservation landscape available for wildlife is the underlying mission of the Conservancy.

Borana Conservancy & Conservation

The Borana Conservancy is the non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the sustainable conservation of critical habitat and wildlife. Our mission is to provide a sustainable ecosystem, in partnership with our neighbors and community, for critically endangered species on the brink of extinction. Our holistic approach commits tourism, ranching and other enterprise to building local livelihoods and enhancing ecosystem integrity.

The shareholders of Borana set up the Conservancy to undertake all of the conservation and community programs. The shareholders underwrite the core conservation costs and agree that all profits must be reinvested in the conservancy. On-going projects include black rhino conservation, anti-poaching initiatives, the Living with Lions research program, land and habitat management, community engagement through education, a mobile clinic and employment and partnerships with Kenya Wildlife Service, Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy, Mount Kenya Trust and Ngare Ndare Forest Trust.

Borana Lodge


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