The Estancia

The Hosteria Alta Vista is located within the boundaries of the iconic Estancia Anita, 25 miles from El Calafate, accessible by gravel road. The amazing landscape surrounding the estancia contains all of the ecosystems that typify Patagonia: The Andean range, immense Patagonian steppe, turquoise glacial lakes, forests and majestic glaciers. Hosteria Alta Vista is located on the Estancia Anita, an icon in Patagonian history and development, so much so, that it was the place where the “Patagonia Rebelde” strike took place in 1921- 1922. The event is commemorated on a memorial that stands at the entrance of the estancia. The 75,000 hectare working farm is home to almost 27,000 head of sheep. It used to be a city within a city with its own shearing sheds, wool warehouses, gauchos houses, stores, bars, orchard and more. While now smaller in reach, a visit to the estancia is something not to be missed. Families love exploring the ranch, kids run free and the staff welcome them to participate in the daily ranching duties.

Rooms and Amenities

The Hosteria Alta Vista is tastefully decorated with period-style art and furniture and features the decor of designer Maria Freixas. Each of the en suite room is decorated with choice linens, handmade wooden furniture and homey style. Surrounded by lush lavender fields and rose gardens and set at the base the 1,294-meter Cerro Fraile, it is a place to be spoiled. The hosteria has just six rooms and one suite. The living room, bar and dining room serving gourmet local cuisine provide its visitors with a completely private experience as the property is only open to guests. Outdoors a quincho affords guests the Argentine experience of a lamb barbecue. Alta Vista prides itself in flawless service from its English-speaking staff and you won’t soon forget the true Patagonian setting with condors soaring above and views of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the distance.


In addition to relaxing and enjoying the lonely and stunning landscape, guests at Alta Vista can horseback ride, enjoy day hikes of varied levels, take mountain bike rides, bird watch and climb nearby hills in search of the most picturesque views. At Estancia Anita, share in the farm work such as sheep shearing, visit to the sheds, iron-works and explore the old farm premises. All visits to the estancia are genuine, and not pre-arranged experiences created for the guests.

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