Huaorani EcoLodge

The Huaorani Lodge is an Amazon rain forest lodge at the headwaters of the Amazon in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. The 5-cabin lodge is the result of an innovative partnership promoting a new form of ecologically-friendly development sensitive to Huaorani traditions, a facility owned by the Huaorani and co-managed by an Ecuadorian owned tourism company. A tourism association was formed by the five communities involved in the project; community members were trained and plans made to produce and sell crafts. After consultations a site was chosen and a lodge planned and built; it opened in January 2008. The lodge is accessed by a 45 minute flight followed by a short trip in a dugout canoe. The Huaorani are among the most remote peoples of the world.

Cabins at Huaorani EcoLodge

Five traditional, palm thatch cabins at Huaorani Ecolodge, provide accommodation in a style that is harmonious with the surrounding environment and the Huaorani culture. Cabin Amenities include: -A pair of twin beds (which can be joined to create a double if desired and triples for small families with a young child); a private bathroom equipped with a shower and flush toilet; a porch with comfortable chairs. -Electricity is supplied 24 hours a day by solar panels. -Environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos are provided -The dining area has a lightly stocked bar. -The whole area is covered with traditional Huaorani-style palm thatching and comfortably seats everyone. Other structures include an employees’ dormitory, an Administrator’s house, two storage buildings and, perhaps most importantly, the “Casa de Hamacas” (Hammock House) on the edge of the Shiripuno River for those few occasions when you are not engaged in activities away from the Lodge.

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