Joy's Camp

An elegant oasis in the spectacular arid landscapes of Samburu; Joy’s Camp is built on the site of Joy Adamson’s tented home in Shaba National Reserve. The camp overlooks a large natural spring where elephant and lion jostle for watering rights with herds of buffalo and the rare desert species of Beisa Oryx, reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra.

The eastern corner of the Samburu eco-system, Shaba is a secluded idyll; which Joy’s Camp guests can enjoy as a private experience, out of the hustle and bustle of Samburu – an arid landscape dotted with lush springs and rocky river gorges, home to unique and rare wildlife species. Joy's Camp works closely with local tribes, communities and guides; the camp's focus is to conserve and preserve the beautiful culture and wildlife of Kenya, whilst providing a breathtaking experience for guests. Joy’s Camp has the prestigious Eco-tourism Gold rating, one of only a handful of camps in Kenya to do so – luxury and green can go together!

The main tent areas include a lounge, dining and viewing deck, fully stocked bar, swimming pool by which to relax, wellness facilities and a small curio shop.

Tents at Joy's Camp

Joy's Camp sleeps up to 20 guest in 10 guest tents. Each 100 square meter sumptuous tent is uniquely decorated with handmade glass and the vibrant fabrics of the local nomadic tribes creating a chic, sophisticated and stylish camp. Each tent has its own private veranda, ideal for game viewing, as well as relaxing, reading and soaking up the truly wild environs offered by Shaba.

Activities at Joy's Camp

Game Drives

Joy’s Camp has open game drive vehicles. The current fleet are new, specially fitted, 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers. The vehicles are unrivaled with feature enhancements specifically designed for comfort and photography – open sided with 3 rows of seats, photographic equipment stands, and charging sockets.

This is elephant and leopard country – rocky hills, huge acacias, and lush springs, the perfect habitat. Shaba is also home to the rare northern species; gerenuk (giraffe antelope), herds of Beisa oryx, Grevy zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, striped hyena – and a wonderful place to see klipspringer!

The camp is famous for its night game drives – clients have a full morning game drive, relax in camp in the afternoon, before a “theater dinner” at 6.30pm, and out for a long night game drive till about 10pm. These arid lands, unlike the cooler savannahs have lots of activity going on after dark – wild cat, lions, aardwolf, hyena, owls, leopards and so much more.

Guided Wlaks

Take the time to leave the car behind and enjoy the small things – tracks, dung beetles and micro-ecosystems. One of the most popular walks is along the river gorge, dramatic views, and if you are lucky catch a glimpse of shy crocodiles.

Another favorite is walking along the Chaffa stream, starting at the spring – spectacular flowers, birds. Other special places to roam around out of the car is at “Penny’s Drop”, a waterfall dropping from a spring into the great Ewaso Nyiro river.

Cultural Visits

Joy’s Camp works with closely with the Nakuprat Gotu community, and there are ways that you can get involved. The Borana, Samburu and Turkana people that inhabit this area are truly nomadic, so sometimes there are villages conveniently close to camp, and sometimes they are too far to visit! Of Kenya’s colorful peoples they are probably some of the most traditional, herding sheep, cattle, goats and camels, and passing on their stories and customs through song.

Relaxation & Wellness at Joy's Camp

Take a moment to sit back, enjoy the spectacular views, the smells, the colors, and the gentle breeze. Bush breakfasts are a chance to enjoy a full breakfast, al fresco, in the middle of the plains, or by the river, surrounded by wildlife. In the evening, “Sundowners” are a safari tradition – after a day of safari; stop, watch the spectacular sunset; traditionally with a gin and tonic in hand. Or let the camp arrange a private dinner on your veranda while you enjoy the sounds of the African bush at night

An African safari vacation is a great time to treat yourself to the best! Enjoy a manicure, pedicure or full body massage taken on the privacy of you veranda.

Shaba National Reserve

This is arid country, and a treasure trove of rare species – Aardwolf, Striped Hyena, as well as plentiful Gerenuk, Grevy Zebra, the rarest and most beautiful of the zebra species, Beisa Oryx, the splendid blue-legged Somali Ostrich, and the stunning Reticulated Giraffe.

Leopard love the massive tortilis acacia trees, especially in the forest close to camp, and hunt for klipsringer on the rocks. In this landscape of yellow grass and rocks, the lion are pale in color and truly wild; cheetah have adapted to work together in small related groups, and elephant and buffalo love the spring in front of camp.

Shaba National Reserve covers 300 sq kms, more than 50% of the three reserves that make up “Samburu” – and the most picturesque of the three.

Joy’s Camp has the whole of the eastern sector of Samburu to itself. Dramatic arid countryside with stunning views of beautiful Bodich and Shaba mountains glowing red in the evening sun. The reserve has natural salts and lush palm fringed springs that attract wildlife. The northern border of the park is the great Ewaso Nyiro River with rocky gorges, waterfalls and sandy beaches to explore.

Shaba is a National Reserve, owned and operated by Isiolo County Council. It is run by the Reserve rangers, who also liaise with the KWS base close to Shaba, and the NRT rangers of Nakuprat-Gotu.

Nakuprat-Gotu Wildlife Conservancy

Not only is Shaba the largest part of Samburu, but its eco-system is doubled by the Nakuprat-Gotu community conservancy that surrounds it borders. Joys Camp works closely with the conservancy and has contributed donations of $30,000 towards rangers posts and infrastructure. Operated through the Northern Rangelands Trust, the conservancy is linked to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, works in collaboration with Shaba Reserve and operates trained armed rangers, security, radios and vehicles. Shaba has blossomed with this community support.

Joys Camp


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