Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp is an eco-friendly luxury camp that gives a sense of the exiting explorer days when the savannah was seldom visited and elaborate and comfortable camps were set up providing a luxurious and stylish retreat after each day’s adventure.

The stylish restaurant, the reception, the lounge and bar and the gift shop with internet are set on a raised wooden deck and furnished with accurate reproductions of Karen Blixen’s private furniture to fit in with the cozy atmosphere. The beautiful laid swimming pool offers relaxation and even a little exercise in-between game drives. Our resident masseuse offers a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments.

Karen Blixen Camp is the perfect place to sit back and relax with a gin and tonic overlooking the Mara River and the wildlife coming to drink, whilst exchanging stories about the adventures of the day.

Tents at Karen Blixen Camp

Each tent is en-suite and furnished with a large comfortable bed, Persian rugs and a cozy armchair giving you the ultimate in camping luxury. The private bathroom has a flush toilet, twin wash hand basins and a romantic outside shower with amazing view to the sky. Water is heated using solar panels to avoid any use of firewood and thus conserving the Mara Woodlands. Electricity is provided in all tents 24 hours a day by extended solar panel system and battery storing bank.

Tents can be configured for either double or twin occupancy, where under prior arrangement a 3rd and even 4th bed can be added for children below the age of 12. Our family unit consists of two tents with a shared veranda.

All tents are placed with undisturbed view along the Mara River giving unique and private game viewing to the Oloololo Escarpment and its rich wildlife.

Dining at Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen was passionate about cooking and found her inspiration in the French, English, Italian and Danish kitchens. Through historical books we have found many of her original recipes, and dining at the Camp brings back the days of the early 1920-30’s.

Modern day’s love for cosmopolitan food with clear notes from the Far East, India or Africa’s own traditional cooking is also served at the table alongside a comprehensive selection of the continents finest wines.

Frederik Olesen, an internationally experienced chef, inspires the latest homemade cookery and gastronomic trends in his cuisine using lots of fresh herbs and flowers from the Karen Blixen Camp's own organic garden. The camp is dedicated in accommodating a very international clientele and one should feel safe that menus will always reflect a variety of choices. Succulent beef or lamb, grilled fish or lavishly vegetarian dishes is made of the very finest locally produced ingredients.

Our meat comes from the ranches around Mount Kenya and selected by our butcher in Nairobi, fruits are grown at the coastal areas and vegetables come from the Kenyan highlands.

Wellness at Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp offer a wide range of wellness treatments and therapeutic body massages using organic African oils only. The beautifuly laid swimming pool with sun-beds and umbrellas assure recreation or even a little exercise in-between game drives and the wellness therapist are trained in the centuries old African Kukanda (massage) tradition. Treatments take place in the privacy of your outdoor veranda.

Therapies entail mild pressure facial massages, head and neck massages and deep tissue body massages using ranges of different strokes, kneading and comforting tractions of varied compression.

Activities at Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp is committed to responsible wildlife experiences. We invite our guests to explore and understand the complexity of the Masai Mara Ecosystem with its great wildlife. Understanding the intricacies of how the Masai Mara Ecosystem works adds the ultimate dimension to the very unique and outstanding wildlife experience.

Game drives are encouraged within Mara North Conservancy for the utmost exclusive and private safari experience with low impact tourism and controlled vehicle density. On request and during the great migration, drives into the Masai Mara National Reserve are available.

Game walking with armed guides is arranged for those who wish to experience the magnitude of the Mara savannah on foot. Nature walks are kept within the camp and focus entirely on the rich bird life and little insects inhabiting the area and how the Masai make use of the indigenous plants for medical and ritual purposes.

Balloon safaris will take you high above the impressive Masai Mara plains, and gliding quietly through the wind is truly a magical and breathtaking experience and community visits to the local Maasai Manyatta (village), school, market and church gives anyone interested a closer understanding of the proud Maasai people and their heritage as an important part of the Masai Mara Ecosystem.

Visit a hospitality school and follow the daily life of the Cooking School students. Enroll for Ready, Steady, Cook! and enjoy a well prepared meal. The camp also welcomes you to raise the bar and teach a class English, German or IT.

Take part in aiding conservancy and plant trees along the banks of the Mara River, pick your favorite spot and dig as many holes as you can and plant your ingenious tree seedlings. Eco camp walks show you how Karen Blixen runs it's eco friendly luxury camp out in the bush with green technologies as solar panels, non-power cold room, solar water heaters, zero waste sewage system and waste management.

Karen Blixen Camp


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