Kisima Ngeda

Located on the shores of Lake Eyasi, offers stunning views over the seasonal soda lake looking up to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the one side and across to the Alipi escarpment on the other, one can enjoy the spectacular landscape as well as experience the daily life of the last few remaining hunter/gatherers the Hadza as well as their pastoralist nomadic counterparts the Barbaig.

Kisima Ngeda, a stylish camp that includes amazing cultural interaction opportunities. There is a cozy lounge area perfect for relaxing with a before or after dinner drink as well as a pool to cool off in after a long day of activities.

Tents at Kisima Ngeda

With 7 spacious tents with private verandas overlooking the lake. Intimate dining overlooking Lake Eyasi. Kisima Ngeda’s décor draws on elements from the surrounding landscape and incorporates elements of traditional Hadza culture.

Activites at Kisima Ngeda

A melting pot of culture, Kisima Ngeda offers a different experience from what you’ll find on a traditional safari. Here, you can actually get out of the car — you can explore the trails around the lake, canoe along the shore, walk through nearby tribal villages, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful lake views (especially at sunset on top of the rock).

While it’s possible to see wildlife, what makes Kisima Ngeda truly special is the opportunity to visit with the local tribes. The waDatoga are a pastoral group like the Maasai, and it’s always interesting to visit the local Blacksmith or a Datoga boma.

One can also venture into the bush with the nomadic, hunter-gatherer Hadza Bushmen.

Spending a day with the Hadza, hunter-gatherers that speak a historical language of the continent, enables a journey back into the past.

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