The Lodge

Napo Wildlife Center Lodge is situated on the Northern margins of the Yasuní National Park along the Napo River, deep in the Ecuadorian Jungle. A two hour ride in a paddle canoe along this beautiful river taking in the sites and sounds along the way and keeping eyes peeled for primates, giant otters, reptiles, large mammals and other amazing life in the jungle leads you to the where the shores begin to widen and the lodge finally comes into view.

The main hall of the Napo Wildlife Center is a central structure where visitors and staff meet, dine and share their days experiences. In this main house there are several comfortable social areas including a full-stocked bar; a library of books to borrow during your stay; the restaurant where all meals are served and a 20 ft high observation tower that provides an incredible 360° view of the surrounding forest, lake and passing wildlife as well as a trail behind the property for night strolls to patiently await the nocturnal life to rise.

The Rooms

Napo Wildlife Center Lodge boast 16 spacious cabins, each with en suite facilities, 24 hour electricity and hot running water, a king size or two twin beds with comfortable linens, mosquito nets and screened windows and a private balcony with views of the lake and surrounding jungle.

The Activities

Activities at Napo include visiting the parrot clay licks where impressive numbers of these colorful birds gather daily, a Kichwa Anangu community visit to learn more about life in the jungle and share stories, phenomenal birding excursions to spot as many of the over 610 species found int he area, a canopy tour along the swing bridges and platforms high above the jungle floor, hikes through the forest in search of primates and other wildlife and canoe trips along the river.

Napo Wildlife Center


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