Old Mondoro Camp

Owned and operated by the Cumings family of Chiawa Camp repute, the concept of Old Mondoro is simple - to provide guests with an authentic, intimate African safari that concentrates on the wildlife and bush experience whilst not forgoing any creature comforts or service.

Overlooking a maze of hippo-inhabited islands from a grove of Acacia trees that tower above the massive elephant bulls that seem to be constantly feeding on them, this is perhaps the most beautiful site in the Lower Zambezi National Park and certainly one of the most remote. For those wanting a premier Lower Zambezi safari in a small camp with all the comforts and a fabulous guiding team, inside the national park and at an attractive price look no further than Old Mondoro.

Tents at Old Mondoro Camp

Appropriately constructed of canvas and natural materials, Old Mondoro has an open and adventurous feel, providing a perfect retreat after a day filled with excitement in the bush and yet where much of the action will happen right in front of you.

At night canvas blinds are rolled down and secured although with the night chorus you are assured of never feeling too cosseted or cut off from the action! Each room also has a shaded timber sun deck complete with comfy daybed for relaxation with the very best of views.

Activities at Old Mondoro Camp

The Lower Zambezi National Park, by virtue of the Zambezi River and its parallel escarpment, is one of Africa’s most scenic wildernesses, home to an impressive quantity and variety of wildlife that can be viewed not only on the more usual land based safari activities but also on a variety of water based activities and in the camps themselves.

Old Mondoro is located in the middle of the prime wildlife and habitat zones of the Lower Zambezi National Park, allowing them to not have to travel far to see wildlife (which often visits in camp!) and you are usually headed back to camp by the time any other vehicles start finding out what’s going on.

Old Mondoro offers activities including morning and evening game drives into the Lower Zambezi National Park, canoeing, boat safaris, catch and release fishing and the opportunity to feel Africa under foot on a guided walking safari.

Lower Zambezi

The rich and diverse habitat of the Lower Zambezi is home to a spectacular array of wildlife. Abundant water, food and shelter give rise to one of Africa's healthiest elephant populations, vast herds of buffalo, prides of lion, leopards, hyenas, jackals, hippos, crocodile, zebra, various small carnivores and omnivores, antelope and over 400 species of birds.

Although Africa is no stranger to conservation challenges such as encroachment and poaching, the Lower Zambezi National Park is one of Africa's best protected sanctuaries thanks to cooperation between the safari operators and Zambia Wildlife Authority through the charity Conservation Lower Zambezi which Grant co-founded in 1994 and of which Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro are anchor donors.

As a consequence the Lower Zambezi will nearly always produce a first rate game viewing and birding experience, most especially when measured in the context of the scenery, habitat and variety of safari activities available.

Absent from the Lower Zambezi are giraffe and wildebeest which never occurred here, occasional wild dog sightings as these come and go (April/May and Sept/Oct are the best times to see them if you will see them) and no rhinos which were poached out in the 1970's.

What makes wildlife viewing extra special in the Lower Zambezi is the opportunity to watch many of these creatures often at close quarters from, in and around the river.

Old Mondoro


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