Rooms and Amenities

The main house on the estancia, “El Casco”, built in 1896 by the original founder of the ranch, has been transformed into what is today the hosteria. Built in the classic Spanish estancia style, the house has been completely renovated, respecting the original architectural lines of the house and guests can still see some of the interesting original designs of this well-known house. Guests can walk among old noble trees planted in the early 1900’s that provide the essential shade for this sub-tropical region and, with the recent renovation, enjoy a large collection of a mixture of local native plants and classic azaleas and roses. The lagoon next to the hosteria provides a never-ending wildlife show with carpinchos, friendly alligators and up to thirty bird species in residence.Our rooms are the perfect depiction of our personal philosophy over diversity. Each room has been designed and decorated in a unique style, according to its own form and placement. No two rooms are the same. Our guests will be delighted with objects such as antique historical maps, a collection of stuffed animals and unique wildlife paintings.


At Rincon del Socorro, you’ll venture out on early-morning or late afternoon wildlife viewing boat trips in the wetlands. After a morning outing, a barbecue lunch is served in a hut beside the boat dock. You may also have the opportunity to spend a full day exploring these fascinating marshes with excellent opportunities to photograph multicolored flowers, aquatic plants and the varied fauna: black caimans, which despite its antediluvian appearance are inoffensive to humans, roseate spoonbills, maguari stork, whistling herons, anhingas, marsh eagles, painted turtles, etc. If luck has its way, you may spot the rare marsh deer, a species in danger of extinction. In addition to the wildlife viewing, visit the Iberá Visitor Center to appreciate the amazing area as a whole - its interesting eco-system and enjoy a short walk to observe a howler monkeys community.

Horseback Riding

Other available activities include horseback riding through the estancia. The host – Leslie Cook - and his wife, Valeria, are horse trainers, and the riding operation is highly professional with a supply of excellent horses for all riding abilities, quality riding tack and guiding. Horseback riding is an integral part of the hosteria’s program, since the chances of seeing wildlife increase immensely on horseback rather than on foot.

Rincon del Socorro


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