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Segera lies at the very heart of the Laikipia Plateau, which is nestled between the glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west. Situated on 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of preserved land, Segera Retreat is a wildlife sanctuary that offers a unique experience of utmost luxury amidst natural beauty and personal enrichment from conscientious, sustainable living. A stunningly diverse and seemingly magical environment, the Laikipia region boasts woodlands, grasslands and fertile riverbeds where water flowing from the Aberdare Mountains long ago gave rise to the Mutara River to the north, and the Ewaso Nyiro, Suguroi and Segera Rivers to the south. A cascading waterfall flows from the Segera River and the natural Ivy Springs, found in the Valley of Kiseregai Creek, attract herds of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, warthog and many other native species throughout the year. Preserving the unique biodiversity in the Laikipia region is an essential cornerstone of the conservation efforts in Kenya as a whole. Here, wildlife populations and habitats are being conserved on mostly private and communal lands.

Villas at Segera Retreat

Segera offers privacy in gracious accommodations. Six timber and thatch villas are built on elevated wooden platforms, offering a perfect view out onto the wild African savannah. Each villa has its own private deck outfitted with lounge chairs for soaking up the African sun, and swinging beds that provide the perfect spot for a midday or evening escape. A private outdoor hot tub offers a tranquil and private setting in which to bathe in nature. Each villa is uniquely decorated with artworks by African artists.

Villa Segera is the perfect romantic Retreat property for two, consisting of two wooden buildings, connected by a swing bridge, with a private veranda, pool and lounge area, decorated with fine antiques and art. Private garden and salt-water pool, sunken watch and exclusive Michael Poliza image gallery enhance the experience.

The stone-clad Segera House is roomy and luxurious for a maximum of four people, with lounge, raised observation deck and private garden and salt-water pool. Vintage Landcruiser and Royce Rolls garnish dine & lounge area, additional fine antiques and art decorate the beautiful villa.

Activities at Segera Retreat

Each activity at Segera observes the 4Cs: from wildlife monitoring and species conservation, to renewable energy and recycled water efforts; from community training, employment and cultural preservation, to using locally grown produce and purchasing from socially responsible wine cultivars. The 4C concept brings together conservation, community and culture within the realm of commerce. This is an example for industry to follow: people, planet and profit. We hope to encourage businesses to act today for a better tomorrow.

Segera is the central wildlife sanctuary in Laikipia, situated in the wooded savannah and grasslands of the Laikipia Plateau at an altitude of 1 700 – 1 800 m (5 577 – 5 906 ft) and immediately north of the equator. Home to a vast array of animal, bird and plant life, Segera provides an important corridor for the migration of elephant and other wide ranging species. Segera’s central location and expansive 20 000 hectares (50 000 acres) at the very heart of Laikipia ensures that it is essential to effective wildlife and habitat management for the Ewaso ecosystem as a whole, forming part of a vital migratory corridor and providing a permanent home to many endangered species.

Dining at Segera Retreat

Dining at Segera is personalized and highly creative. Meals and high teas feature the freshest ingredients from our own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens, or sourced from neighbouring farms. Choose to eat al fresco by the communal pool or on your villa’s private lounge area, in the Wine Tower, or in one of our dining areas—the Paddock House with stunning views of the African landscape and Mount Kenya, or in the renovated horse stables, a unique place for intimate dining and cozy relaxation by the fireplace. Segera’s excellent chefs offer many cuisine options that suit many regimes, including classic continental, vegetarian or raw food.

Our Wine Tower, with its distinct beaded collar, is meaningfully constructed and artfully designed to house our vast collections of wines from Africa and champagnes from France in optimum conditions. Cooled by solar energy and a rainwater harvested tank as its foundation, the Wine Tower is an architectural example of our 4C philosophy. We invite you to explore the Tower and to choose a bottle to accompany your evening meal. Or, request a special dinner for two within the structure—its beautiful design, solar-powered recycled glass chandeliers and naturally cooled temperatures provide a perfect ambience for dining amidst shelves upon shelves of the good stuff! What could be better than that? Segera offers a variety of delicious and unique wines on our inclusive wine list.

Wellness at Segera Retreat

At Segera we encourage and support a culture of wellness that extends to the soil, the environment, the communities that surround us, and to you—mind body and soul. Our Wellness Center offers a variety of luxurious holistic treatments and therapies that nourish your entire being. Luxury starts in the privacy of your own villa bathroom, which is well stocked with a range of natural bath products that nourish the skin. Massages can be ordered en suite, if you prefer, or at the spa, which also boasts a Rasul Steam Tower, a salt-water swimming pool and a-state-of-the-art gymnasium. An array of scrubs, facials, full body therapies and massage treatments available at the Wellness Centre will help you unwind in luxury and comfort, and encourage you to find renewal amidst the peace and beauty of your surroundings.

A turquoise colored salt-water pool, pool loungers, kikoy sarongs from Lamu and surrounded by palm trees, in the heart of the sculpture garden you will find your area of relaxation.

Segera Retreat


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