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A Tanzanian haven for serious safari seekers, Serengeti Bushtops is an oasis of 5-star luxury within one of the world’s most magical settings. Picture yourself gazing out over the stunning scenery of the Serengeti. Imagine returning from safari and watching the sun set from the comfort of your tent’s private hot tub. Consider the thrill of watching the annual migration thunder across the mighty Mara river. Or simply revel in the thought of being pampered by your butler and our friendly staff, before enjoying the fabulous cooking and fine wines in the comfort of the restaurant and shared spaces. This combination of safari adventure, first class facilities and blissful relaxation has delivered Serengeti Bushtops’ unwavering promise of Wild Luxury ever since they opened in June 2010.

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Though amply proportioned and superbly equipped, Serengeti Bushtops is dwarfed by its stunning surroundings. The camp nestles into rolling hills, which form a sharp contrast to the open acacia wood and grasslands which form one of nature’s most spectacular landscapes. The Serengeti plains stretch out across an unimaginably vast 10,000 square mile (15,000 square kilometre) ecosystem, of which almost two thirds forms the national park.

From Serengeti Bushtops guests witness life at its most raw, thrilling and captivating, from the awesome grandeur of the big five to the shimmering glory of local birdlife – and from the vast herds of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles to the silent presence of solitary crocodiles. The famous Mara River is just 15 miles away, so the camp lies directly in the path of the spectacular annual wildebeest migration, which takes place between June and November. Guests have a ringside seat for nature’s most awesome event, but also enjoy fabulous, abundant wildlife viewing all year round. Out of season, guests can travel all day without seeing another vehicle, whilst even at the busiest times of the migration, the Serengeti (being ten times the size of the neighboring Mara) is dominated by wildlife, not humans.

Luxury Tents at Serengeti Bushtops

Under Serengeti Bushtops canvas lies the finest in seductive luxury and twelve of the largest, most impressive tented en suites imaginable. None of the tents are overlooked, but all look over the Serengeti. Each faces the sunset and is open on two sides, giving you an extraordinary panoramic view of nature’s living masterpiece. Every tent boasts a hundred and twenty square meters of luxurious living space, providing ample room to wander at leisure, sink into a deck lounger, soak in your private hot tub or gaze out at passing wildlife. Spacious and beautifully furnished, each offers true five star luxury within a canvas canopy – but with space and views no hotel could hope to match.

This is your personal realm, ideally suited to restful sleep, taking an open-air shower beneath the warm African sun, unwinding as you await drinks from your private butler, or perhaps purring under your masseuse’s strong fingers, after an exhilarating day on safari. Solar power and a generator back up ensure constant electricity is on tap within your tent and across the camp. Due to the camp's remote location, cellphone and wifi signals come and go, but you can always stay connected. Many prefer not to – and the camp managers ask all guests to keep their phones on silent, to keep the world at bay!

Activities at Serengeti Bushtops

No matter how long you stay at Serengeti Bushtops, you will never run out of things to do. When you are not ranging across the Serengeti on one of the specially built 4x4 vehicles, there is always something to keep you occupied – even if that something is the delicious prospect of doing nothing at all! A walking safari and bush breakfast is always fascinating, but you may prefer a break from the wildlife. A tour of a local school provides an education (we’re never too old to learn), as does a visit to a traditional Kuria village. We can also arrange a display of Kuria archery, where you can try out your own bow and arrow skills, or give you an accompanied camp tour, showing how we run our facilities sustainably and efficiently. You can try your hand at Kuria Bao – a traditional board game, or even learn a little Swahili.

If you want to make the most of your luxurious tent, your butler will always be happy to arrange breakfast in bed, a romantic private dinner, canapés and drinks in your hot tub, or an aromatherapy massage on your deck. If you give him a day’s notice, the camp manager can arrange a romantic dinner at Klipspringer Kopjes, or a Sundowner on Simba’s rock (there is an additional charge for these activities). And of course, when the activity gets too much, there’s always the undeniable attraction of relaxing in your tent with a book, taking a swim, or chatting to fellow guests in our shared spaces.

Food & Wine at Serengeti Bushtops

The elegant open-sided mess tent provides a mouth-watering combination of à la carte gourmet dining and striking views across the Serengeti landscape. The camp complements nature’s glorious tapestry with the finest haute cuisine, superb wines and attentive service. At the end of an exhilarating day’s game viewing, it is hard to imagine a more perfect conclusion than choosing from multiple delights on the menu, before being escorted to your table. With a campfire glowing outside, this is life in the bush at its most sophisticated and harmonious – and the perfect place to end your perfect day, watching the hot sun sink over the vast Serengeti.

At Serengeti Bushtops, fine dining is complemented by a substantial wine selection, chosen from the highly unusual wine wall. The wine collection provides exceptional options to suit any taste, amongst connoisseurs and enthusiastic explorers alike. Despite the camp's isolated location, few locations could provide a better backdrop to a perfectly chilled white or well-kept red .

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