The House

Tom’s Little Hide offers the opportunity to really let go and relax. As Tom’s is booked out exclusively and comes with its own private guide and vehicle, the freedom extends beyond happy interactions. The days stretch out before you, yours to do as you wish. Perhaps choose to explore the park all day, right to the farthest reaches, or enjoy a lazy morning by the private splash pool before the rigors of another afternoon in paradise.

The Rooms

You can tell at a glance that a lot of love and energy went into the creation of this special safari house. Tom’s Little Hide is delightful, designed to reflect a contemporary African style with surprising little distinctive touches. It is made up of three large adjacent rooms, all with en suite bathrooms, and each room looks out over the waterhole, which is a constant scene of activity – your veranda is as good as any safari vehicle.

The bedrooms at Tom's Little Hide are individually decorated and furnished with solid Zimbabwean teak furniture. Rooms 1 and 2, both double en suite bedrooms, form the main part of Tom’s Little Hide and can also accommodate one child in each on a roomy day bed. The bedrooms are linked by a dining room and outside veranda, complete with sparkling splash pool. Room 3 is more of a family tent with an outside bathroom and inter-leading children’s room, which can accommodate two children. Altogether, up to 10 guests – 6 adults and 4 children – can stay at Tom’s Little Hide. Because of its proximity, Tent 10 of The Hide’s main camp can also be incorporated into Tom’s Little Hide to include two more adults, should the party size require it.

The Activities

The Hide Safari Camp is fortunate to have the best of both worlds. While located within the Hwange National Park, it is also surrounded by a private concession, which allows for activities not otherwise permitted. Hwange is a vast playground worth exploring so you don’t have to worry about being bored. Early morning walks are there for the thrill of encountering wildlife on its own terms, focusing on the insects and plants and exploring the little surprises of the bush.

The rest of the day can be spent further afield on game drives in search of predators and prey alike. For evening drives, Tom's likes to do things properly with sundowners stops in order to enjoy the last of the sun, with a drink of choice in hand, as it falls beneath the great African horizon. The guides at The Hide are very much part of the family and have been there for many years. They have undergone some of the most rigorous training in Africa and their passion for, and knowledge of, the bush is often what makes a safari so special.

There is no typical day at The Hide as it really depends on you how much or little you would like to do. Meal-times are normally a good chance to catch up with everyone and plan the rest of the day or the following morning. As a general rule, you want to go out-and-about at the same time as the animals – usually mornings and late afternoons or evenings. However, the scope and scale of Hwange’s wildlife is such that there is generally always something to see. There is no limit the number of activities you can do, so if you can’t sit still, you could do an early morning walk followed by a morning drive after breakfast. In the afternoon you could head out again, stopping off for a sundowner and a night-drive back to camp.

If you are really looking for value, you could venture out after dinner to see if you can find some of Africa's rarely seen nocturnal wildlife. The waterhole at The Hide is particularly special, being the only source of permanent water for a good-sized area. If you don’t feel like venturing out, you may simply choose to relax with a great view of the waterhole and let the wildlife come to you. Elephant, giraffe, zebra, impala, waterbuck and kudu are almost always sure to be seen lapping a drink. Lion come in from time to time and wild dog have even made kills in full view of the camp.

Tom's Little Hide


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