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Torres del Paine National Park


Soaring almost vertically more than 2000m above the Patagonian steppe, the granite pillars of Torres del Paine (Towers of Paine) dominate the landscape of what may be South America's finest national park. A world biosphere reserve, it has a huge variety of plant and animal species which, with its incredibly beautiful setting has made it an almost unequalled destination for hikers and backpackers, ecology-lovers and adventure seekers alike. Before its creation in 1959, the park was part of a large sheep estancia, and it's still recovering from nearly a century of over exploitation of its pastures, forests and wildlife which makes its current state even more impressive. Snow-capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mirrored lakes blend together in a breathtaking panorama.

The park is mostly visited for the rugged peaked mountains and crystal blue glaciers, but once there the azure lakes, meandering trails through emerald forests and rickety bridges over roaring rivers are equally as exciting.


Part of Unesco's Biosphere Reserve system since 1978, the park is home to flocks of ostrich-like rhea (known locally as the ñandú), Andean condor, flamingo and many other bird species. Its star success in conservation is undoubtedly the guanaco,which grazes the open steppes where pumas cannot approach undetected. After more than a decade of effective protection from poachers, these large, growing herds don't even flinch when humans or vehicles approach. The puma population is also growing, and huemul (an endangered Andean deer) have been spotted in Valle Frances.

A main attraction of the park is the “W” trek. The trek takes 7 days, stretching 46 miles, and is led by highly qualified guides. The trail has been developed to accommodate hotels positioned at central stopping points to allow for meals, comfortable sleep and even a cocktail to ready adventurers for their next day of hiking.

Whether taking on the week long hiking excursion, or only visiting for a couple days, Torres del Paine National Park will be an visit not soon forgotten and a must do on any Chile adventure.


Torres del Paine National Park Accommodation


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Hosteria Las Torres
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