Why Argentina

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A Chile Adventure

Chile is easily accessible from the United States from many gateway hubs such as JFK, Atlanta and Dallas on non-stop flights. The Chileans are a friendly and welcoming people and eager to show off their beautiful country to travelers. Our local guides offer in-depth knowledge in the local flora and fauna and African Safari Company & Expeditions can offer specialists guides focusing on photography, active adventures, family-friendly, culinary and wine and birding. Accommodations in Chile are very comfortable and often provide unique bases for experiencing the impressive surroundings. Landscapes in Chile are as varied as they are magnificent from other-worldly formations and geysers in the Atacama Desert to the towering, glacial formed peaks of Torres del Paine. The country is considered to be one of Latin America’s most stable and prosperous nations and travel is considered comfortable and relatively easy for international visitors. English is widely spoken in the tourism sector.


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