Ecuador Adventure

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An Ecuador Adventure

The flora and fauna in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands alone is an impressive draw, but add the history, rich culture and breathtaking scenery and Ecuador easily becomes one of South America’s true highlights. The marketplaces and craftspeople of Otavalo provide excellent photographic opportunities and shopping for travelers interested in traditional craft. With a lodge-to-lodge network and many accessible mountains, the country’s peaks entertain both day hikers and the most advanced trekkers. The Huaorani are one of Latin America’s most endangered peoples and also accessible through a stay at a community-run lodge. Travelers find this cultural experience in Ecuador to be one of the most authentic and unique in the Americas.

Horseback riding, kayaking, trekking, scuba diving and snorkeling are just a few of the activities available in Ecuador. The Train de la Libertad is one of the premier train journeys in Latin America and is easily added to a visit to the Otavalo Highlands. African Safari Company & Expeditions offers multi-generational and family tours utilizing private villas, luxury yacht charters and historic haciendas, romantic honeymoons in Ecuador and multisport active adventures in the Galapagos and on the mainland.

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