Why travel to Ethiopia?

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Why travel to Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is considered one of the richest cultural destinations in Africa, and arguably the world. Its ancient culture is also a living culture, with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Lalibela’s subterranean churches, being used for daily religious services and traditional ceremonies. The Lower Omo Valley tribes, over 22 different ethnic groups, are some of Africa’s most remote and threatened people. The Mursi, famous for their large lip-plates, reside in Mago National Park, while the Dorze live high in woven beehive-shaped huts. The Bena and Hamer people are agriculturalists, while the Karo and Tsemaye are perhaps the most threatened with their numbers not exceeding 1,000 families each. Topographically speaking, Ethiopia accounts for 80 percent of land over 4,000 meters on the continent of Africa, and boasts large expanses of Afro-alpine ecosystems, the Bale Mountains National Park being the largest home to the Ethiopian wolf and Bale Mountain Lodge. Travelers tour Ethiopia to view its unique endemic mammals from the gelada baboon and the Ethiopian wolf, to view its unique endemic mammals from the gelada baboon and the Ethiopian wolf, to the walia ibex and the mountain nyala. Ethiopia is one of Africa’s top birding destinations with over 800 species and the second highest count of endemic species on the continent.

Ethiopian Trips


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