Why travel to Guatemala?

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Why travel to Guatemala?

Guatemala has one of the richest indigenous cultures in Central America. The modern day Maya live in traditional ways, but have adapted - in many cases - to contemporary Guatemala. In many Maya communities you will see cement homes, but with a traditional clay temescal (sauna) in the yard or a wood-frame kitchen building. The Maya are initially guarded people, but with a simple smile they are eager to welcome visitors and guests into their communities and homes. Their culinary and handicraft traditions are strong and we are working with our local guides to help preserve these. The Guatemalan people are welcoming, lodges and hotels offer excellent service at an international standard.

Guatemala has a diverse flora and fauna including lush jungles. Birding and wildlife viewing in the jungles and forests of Guatemala is impressive and most African Safari Company & Expeditions visitors to the Peten can expect to see toucans, a variety of monkeys - spider and howler, ground mammals such as agouti and coati mundi and the luckiest could spot a jaguar! Should you be interested in birding tours to Guatemala, please let us know and we can tailor make a tour to suit your interests.

Why travel to Guatemala?

Lakes, volcanoes and thick jungle create the picturesque landscape of Guatemala. Adventure travelers love Guatemala’s picturesque lakes, active volcanoes, forests and ancient ruins. Spend your days hiking volcanoes, paddle boarding and kayaking on Lake Atitlan, exploring Tikal or nearby Yaxha or remote Aguateca...Guatemala is an adventure traveler’s dream destination. Accommodations are comfortable, but affordable and it’s easy to get off the beaten path.

Why travel to Guatemala

Guatemala is a family-friendly destination and Guatemalans love kids. African Safari Company & Expeditions has first-hand experience planning family tours in Guatemala including sourcing private villas, kid-friendly adventure activities (like ziplining and kayaking!), hands-on cooking classes (make your own peanut butter) and we know the best swimming pools in Guatemala!

Honeymooners will find exceptional service and value in a honeymoon in Guatemala. We work with a collection of 5-star boutique hotels and lodges that focus on providing the highest levels of service and special honeymoon perks. We offer helicopter transfers, private dining and spa experiences. Your luxury Guatemala Honeymoon can include the vibrant city and its top restaurants, colonial Antigua, picturesque Lake Atitlan and the wild jungles of Peten.


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