Help Namibia Save the Rhinos!

Save the Rhino Trust has released the music video, ‘Stand Together’, produced by a variety of Namibian artists such as Elemotho, Oteya, Esme Songbird & Metarere Tjiho, to spread the Conservation message and to collect much needed funds to support our quest to saving our rhinos.

Enjoy it!

You can donate to the Save The Rhino cause by following the link here:
Save the Rhino Trust is a Namibian registered charity (W.O. 53) that works to protect and monitor the unique desert-adapted black rhino of the Kunene region in north-western Nambia.

This unique population of rhinos are among the last truly wild rhinos on earth – they are the only rhinos surviving on land with no formal protection, and constitute the largest free-ranging rhino population in the world, roaming across common, unfenced land.

Since its establishment in 1982, Save the Rhino Trust has used community-based conservation, employing local people as wildlife
rangers, to monitor and protect the rhinos. Through collaboration with the Namibian Ministry of Education and Tourism, Save the Rhino Trust enabled the Kunene’s rhinos to recover from the brink of extinction. However, the current poaching crisis, which threatens all the world’s rhinos with extinction as soon as 2026, is spreading to Namibia and putting these amazing creature at risk once again.

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