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African safaris offer much more than just wildlife encounters. Some of the best safari destinations also feature stunning beaches that offer the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. South Africa and Tanzania are two countries that stand out for their exceptional safari and beach experiences.

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Ecuador, Peru & Galapagos

18 days | 17 nights

Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos

14 days | 13 nights

South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana

14 days | 13 nights

South Africa, Botswana & Zambia

16 days | 15 nights

South Africa & Mozambique

24 days | 23 nights

Out of the bush and onto the beach!

Africa’s coasts are home to an incredible array of marine wildlife including seals, sea lions, sea turtles, an enormous array of birds, whales, dolphins, sharks and even penguins! An African safari, while unforgettable and soul-lifting, is also essentially a wildlife excursion with busy days searching for that next exceptional wildlife moment and long nights spent by the fire staring up at the giant African sky blanketed with stars. That said, once again, Africa does not disappoint in it’s diversity of adventures.

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