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By visiting vineyards and wineries, you can gain insight into the winemaking process, learn about the history and traditions of the region, and meet the people behind the wines. Wine tourism also offers opportunities to explore the local cuisine, art, and architecture, making for a well-rounded and immersive travel experience.

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South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana

14 days | 13 nights

South Africa

11 days | 10 nights

South Africa

12 days | 11 nights

South Africa & Mozambique

24 days | 23 nights

For wine lovers and enthusiasts

Wine tours are a popular activity for wine lovers and enthusiasts who want to learn more about the winemaking process, taste different varieties of wines, and explore the vineyards and wineries where the grapes are grown and harvested. During a wine tour, visitors can expect to see the different stages of the winemaking process, from picking the grapes to fermenting and aging the wine. They can also taste a variety of wines and learn about the different factors that influence the flavor, color, and aroma of each wine. Wine tours can be a fun and educational experience, and they are a great way to spend a day or weekend with friends or family.

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