Mother’s Day Parfait!

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, why not treat your Mom to a few safari inspired home-made goodies to spoil her on the special day.

Kapama Karula’s Executive Chef, Mhaki Maki shares another great recipe with us, this time using the ever popular South African liqueur – Amarula Cream.

Amarula is made from the fruit of the African marula tree which is also locally called the Elephant tree, as elephants just love the sweet fruit it produces, or the Marriage Tree. In the Zulu culture, it is referred to as the marriage tree as it is believed that those who marry beneath its branches will enjoy vigor and fertility all their days. Another interesting fact, is that only the female marula tree bears fruit.

Our Chef loves using Amarula Cream in recipes as this deliciously decadent liqueur is loved by guests from all around the world and is so versatile.

We hope you enjoy the dessert and we certainly hope mom does too!






Mango & Amarula parfait, with meringue

Meringue Ingredients

110g egg whites (+- 4 egg whites)

10g dried egg whites

120g castor sugar

120g icing sugar sifted

Parfait Ingredients

250ml mango juice

90ml Amarula

80ml mango puree

70g sugar

10g gelatin leaves


160g sugar

50ml water

90g egg whites (+- 3 egg whites)

50g granola


330ml cream




Whisk the fresh and dried egg whites using an electric mixer until a soft peak stage

Gradually add the castor sugar until dissolved, fold the icing sugar using a spatula until incorporated.

Spread over a silicone baking tray and bake @ 90 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes



Bring to the boil mango juice, Amarula and sugar, take it off the heat and add bloomed gelatin, stir until gelatin dissolves

Add mango puree and allow to cool down

Heat the sugar and water, whisk the egg whites to soft peak and when the sugar solution reaches 115 degrees pour into the egg whites while whisking and high speed (Italian meringue), allow to cool down

Whisk the cream to soft peak

Fold the Italian meringue into the gelatine mixture, and then fold the cream until incorporated.

Transfer the mixture to your preferred container and set in the freezer.


Serve a slice of this delicious parfait with the meringue and garnish with a few roasted nuts or seeds.



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