Pride in the Skies!

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Each June across nearly every industry, companies take different approaches to support and celebrate Pride month. Travel is no different, but one airline has gone above and beyond: Alaska Airlines now has a ‘“Fly with Pride” Airbus A320. Via Twitter, Alaska Airlines wrote of their design choice, that the “iconic rainbow stripes & inclusive colors such as brown, black, light blue, white & pink to represent BIPOC & Transgender communities. Without those groups of people & their activism, we would not have Pride today.” The plane is to stay decked out in its pride attire not just this month, but for an entire year. In addition to the artwork on the outside of the plane, on board you’ll find pride-inspired movie selections and treats. To make the story even better, Alaska Airlines is donating $1 to the It Gets Better Project for every tweet, Facebook post or Instagram post tagged with #LoveMovesUs, up to a total of $28,000. Get tagging people!


While we are Alaska Airlines doesn’t take us as far as Africa, it has for a long time been a favorite airline of Seattleites and we are thrilled to see their continued support of all of it travelers.

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