Safari Bush Walks!

If you only do one thing while on an African safari, make sure it’s a guided bush walk.

Often overlooked in favor of game drives, bush walks are one of the best ways to experience the African wilderness on a more personal and connected level. Many of our guests rate it as a highlight of their safari experience.

Here are 5 reasons to leave the comfort of the game vehicle and enjoy a bush walk with an experienced game ranger:

1. Experience a true connection to nature

If a game drive is like watching a movie, a bush walk is like acting in it. The sounds of leaves crunching beneath your boots harmonized by a myriad of bird calls, the feeling of being utterly surrounded by nature and the anticipation of the unknown  a bush walk not only engages your senses but opens your mind to a whole new world. Out in the wild, you experience things on nature’s terms, and it challenges you to be engaged in your environment, rather than just observing it from a distance.





2. A less intrusive option

Bush walks are much less intrusive to the wildlife and environment. The noise of a car engine could scare off potential sightings before you even get to them, however bush walks allow you to quietly move through the terrain without much disruption. While there are predators in the reserve, humans are regarded as apex predators by wild animals and therefore they’re not likely to approach us while walking. Experienced game rangers also know all the do’s and don’ts to adhere to when walking in the wild and are well versed in reading animals’ body language which also reduces the risk of any dangerous incidences taking place.

3. Appreciate the smaller details

Being on foot allows you to notice the little things that you previously would have driven straight past, such as insects, animal tracks, and plants. The slow pace of a bush walk lets you properly absorb your surroundings and take in all the sounds, smells, and interesting little sightings that you would have otherwise missed.





4. Grow your awareness and knowledge

Bush walks leave you with a greater understanding of nature, and as a result, a deeper connection with it. Our game rangers love sharing their bush knowledge with anybody who is eager to learn. Whether you’re learning facts about a termite mound or animal spoor, the guides can teach you how everything is connected and important to the environment.

5. Explore areas inaccessible to vehicles

Possibly the most exciting part of a bush walk is getting to explore areas that are completely inaccessible to vehicles. Venturing into the untamed bush along footpaths created by animals is truly exhilarating… not to mention more environmentally friendly.





We could go on and on about all the other benefits of a bush walk but we’ll leave it at that for now. You’ll just have to come and find out the rest for yourself!





By Rhino River Lodge

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