Sleeping Out In The Selous!

The Selous is a wild and pristine game reserve in southern Tanzania, offering an off-the-beaten-track safari experience with many adventurous activities that are hard to top!

The lounge area at Roho ya Selous.

Roho ya Selous in particular offers an activity that takes you out into the heart of The Selous wilderness and allows you to fully immerse yourself in all it has to offer – Fly Camping.

Fly Camping in The Selous is something you will never forget.

Imagine going to sleep at night with only the sounds of the African bush around you, and the only lights you’ll see are the stars overhead and full 360-degree views from your bed. The tents keep the wildlife out but still allow you to feel as though you are sleeping in the open air. A night out in your private campsite deep in the bush is a wilderness experience that is truly unmatched!

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