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We couldn’t wait for the official pictures, which are to follow in due course, as we wanted to give our first impressions of the camp immediately. These are slightly rushed photographs taken by our operations tribe, but they still give an accurate account of how things now stand.

In line with our commitment to help preserve wild places through impact investments that have a positive effect on the environment and its custodians, we are delighted to introduce our newest venture, SOSSUS UNDER CANVAS in the Greater Sossusvlei-Namib Landscape. Located on the private 24,000 hectare Neuhof Nature Reserve which is nestled between the Nubib and Zaris Mountains, this camp is a mere thirty minutes’ drive from the gateway to Sossusvlei and the Great Namib Sand Sea which has recently been declared a World Heritage Site.


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The Neuhof Nature Reserve was founded by Landscape Conservationist and Philanthropist Swen Bachran in 2010, and it serves as a natural buffer from the harshest desert conditions and a refuge that is vital to wildlife through the dry season. Eight years of intensive work to reverse sixty years of inappropriate farming practices, including the removal of 89 km of internal fencing, the installation of wildlife watering points, the improvement of road networks, the rehabilitation of land and the reintroduction of wildlife that historically occurred here, has resulted in one of the most picturesque and ecologically sound tracts of land in the area. Neuhof has gravel plains, mountainous areas with dry river valleys as well as a large raised plateau which towers above the desert below, and it is now home to some of largest concentrations of wildlife in the area, including Oryx, Springbok, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Burchell’s Zebra, Kudu, Hartebeest, Giraffe, Steenbok, Klipspringer, Bat-eared Fox, and Aardwolf, as well as predators such as Leopard, Cheetah and Spotted Hyena.  Plans for the future which include the reintroduction of critically endangered black rhino and the acquisition of adjoining land to extend the Reserve are already well underway!

Around 20% of all revenues earned at Sossus Under Canvas will be directly re-invested into the conservation of the area, thus staying true to our philosophy of re-investing into the environment. This is possible because of our model that the investment into our camps should be moderate from both a financial and environmental perspective, ensuring sustainability on all levels without the pressure of having to recoup large financial outlays.


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Sossus Under Canvas embellishes every aspect of our declared intention to help redefine Namibian luxury. Our own definition of this encompasses privacy, exclusivity, experiential focus and total flexibility, all whilst being perfectly comfortable.  We can provide all of this at an affordable cost as we have moved away from the opulence and consequent need for high pricing that is generally associated with a luxury safari.

Our guests are looked after by some extraordinary people whose only desire is to ensure that each moment spent with us is as perfect as possible. Guests are pampered in camp, have their days filled with thrilling encounters, and enjoy nights in exclusivity that is beyond most people’s wildest dreams. They are cared for by a tribe of magicians who aim to leave lasting impressions, and every stay is arranged on an exclusive basis regardless of the number of guests involved so that we can provide the true ‘Journeys Under Canvas’ experience.


This camp can only be booked on an exclusive basis (tiered pricing for varying pax numbers) for each group that gets to stay there, and it can only be used as part of one of our privately guided or fly-in safaris.

The camp offers eight tents, two of which are family units (where adjoining ‘kiddies’ tents with camp beds etc can be set up as required), offering a fantastic alternative to any traditional lodge in the Sossusvlei area. It also offers exclusivity which is beyond compare.

Bookings at the camp must be for at least a two nights as this is the minimum required to get a true feel of what is on offer, although we sincerely believe that three nights would be even better in order to do real justice to the area.

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Activities include excursions to the Sossusvlei dunes and Deadvlei with your private guide and general exploration of the private Neuhof Nature Reserve. The latter includes nature walks and drives, magic moments in desert pools (yes, isn’t that intriguing), star gazing, our pioneering STELLAR ESCAPE (our very own form of sleep out), as well as a TRAILS CAMP offering a multi-day walking safari. There is also the opportunity to visit the Neuhof Plateau which offers some of the best views out over the Namib Desert but, sadly, this option is only available for those staying for three nights or more.

In addition to all this, Sossus Under Canvas provides a convenient base from which to go on hot air balloon flights as well as helicopter and fixed wing aircraft scenic flights over the local area. It is also a great venue for photographers, offering fantastic landscapes, iconic quiver trees, and the opportunity for night time photography which is often very difficult to arrange elsewhere.

Access to the camp is either by road from Windhoek or Swakopmund, or from any other nearby destination, or by light aircraft coming in to a nearby airstrip.


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