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Can we yet again offer our sincere and auspicious congratulations to African Safari destination, Bush Camp, for their satirical and spectacular Spot last week. However in the interests of austerity may we cordially point out that this occasion was at least twenty minutes from camp leaving a not inconsiderable fuel bill to say nothing of their catastrophic carbon imprint on the precious pastures of Olare Conservancy.

May we humbly offer a pair of leopards – Nelangu and her daughter, both spotted by one of the youngest guests in camp, which were two hundred metres from a Mara Camp East Wing tent. They had a proper grown up impala meal not a tiny mongoose. Despite losing the spoils to hyena they were there the next day just as the false dawn blushed the horizon.

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Nelangu is keen to get rid of her daughter, who is staying around like a drunken philanderer after sling out time. However we will forgive these two dappled divas everything when they save on both diesel and carbon.


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The lions and cubs were none too shabby either. I think Jimmy, Francis and David may have had to get into second gear for them ….. just saying.


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Another amazing safari spot before heading back to a tented camping experience like non you’ve had before!

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