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The hotel is not only bounded by natural beauty, though; Lastarria is the epicenter of the arts here in Santiago. Walk just a few minutes, and you can discover some of the finest visual and performance art Chile has to offer at The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Visual Arts, the Gabriela Mistral Center and more. Quite simply, we believe we’ve created a hotel worthy of the Singular name.

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Well-appointed lodgings are done in a mix of classic and contemporary styles with handcrafted furniture, leather accents, parquet wood floors and elegant white-marble baths.

Each room also offers a refrigerator with soft drinks and in-room safe.

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Built to blend seamlessly into the neighborhood of Lastarria, The Singular Santiago combines the style of early 20th century buildings with neoclassical French architectural influences. The result is a striking new addition to the Santiago cityscape.The hotel’s design embraces the artistic heritage of the neighborhood, while adding a cutting-edge modernity: it is an innovative homage to the city’s history and culture. The interior of the hotel recalls the days of yore: a tribute to the palaces of past centuries that sets the tone for the entire environment. Each doorway is a portal not just into another room, but to another place: a Singular setting with an ambiance all its own. Everywhere you go in this Santiago hotel, you’ll experience yet another pleasant surprise. The endlessly indulgent spa. The superlative dining experience at the first floor restaurant.The dazzling views and refreshing cocktails in the ninth floor Sky Bar. Step out onto the elevated terrace, and you’re treated to a spectacular view: the Parque Forestal, an arboreal escape right alongside the hotel.

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The Cypress Rooms are new, spacious, warm, with excellent insulation and large windows to enjoy the landscape. Its decoration stands out with special elements from the area, such as looms, ethnic masks and furniture made by artisans from Patagonia.

The Canelo Rooms are very warm, with pleasant and comfortable spaces, where simple elements that evoke Patagonian history and culture are mixed.

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With 85 charmed rooms, Las Torres Patagonia it’s found 10 kilometers from the Towers of the Paine and it is the hotel closest to them. This privileged location makes it the neuralgic center for all tours to mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers.

The Hotel has a superb restaurant, where you can enjoy typical regional dishes prepared using fresh produce from the Hotels own organic vegetable garden. With more than 20 excursions, 150 horses, vehicles and guides willing to show you the wonder of this amazing national Park. You will also find a marvelous, relaxing SPA that will tone you up after a tour so that you can start a new day with renewed vigor.

The Hotels offers “All inclusive Programs” that includes transfer, agro-tourism, excursions, all meals, open bar, spa discounts and all the Patagonian Nature for you to enjoy.

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If you want to spend a short walk along the lake or a long walk through the pampas, Hotel Las Torres offers a half-day or full-day excursion to satisfy your search for adventure within the Torres del Paine National Park.

The strategic location of the hotel, at the foot of the majestic “Torres del Paine” mountain range and along the park’s legendary hiking trails, makes it the perfect “base camp” to explore the many natural wonders of the area.

The excursions are designed to enjoy the national park around a variety of subjects, from the flora, fauna and geology of the park, to the heritage and culture of the gauchos and the indigenous peoples of the region. They also include several modes of transport: vehicle, trekking, horses, navigation and climbing. Last but not least, they vary from easy to difficult depending on your physical condition and experience.

At the end of your adventurous days, take time to visit the spa. Created through a collection of elements that are part of the Chilean and endemic nature of Patagonia, which combine to deliver treatments designed for revitalization. Spa Las Torres has specialists and offers hydromassages, mud therapy, sauna, reflexology and massages that will help to vitalize the body, promote circulation, hydrate the skin and relax the muscles.

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One of the great pleasures when staying at Hotel Las Torres, in addition to experiencing the best of Patagonia, is to dine at the in house “Restaurante Coirón”, specializing in the “flavors of the end of the world”, a unique blend around a creative and modern gastronomy with traditional dishes from Chilean Patagonia.
The chef uses fresh products that go literally from the farm to your plate, since they come from the hotels organic garden. Lunches and dinners are à la carte and the presentation of each dish is pure perfection.
But in addition to the culinary experience, the atmosphere of the “Coirón Restaurant” offers the opportunity to observe the Patagonian fauna while tasting the chefs exquisite preparations. The huge windows that surround the restaurant of the Hotel Las Torres, make it easy to see the habits of endemic birds and mammals that come to our garden to rest.

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Dining in the hotel’s restaurant on the 8th floor is a culinary experience with its signature cooking that places the emphasis on Chilean produce, bringing out the best from the culinary culture of our country.

The Catad’Or Wine Bar is Cumbres Lastarria’s newest addition which reveals a unique and broad selection for wine lovers: it is in fact the largest stock of its kind and it has earned the most prizes in Chile. Located on the ground floor of the establishment, with its own entrance from off the street and a large interior terrace, this innovatory project was born under the guidance of a strategic alliance between Cumbres Lastarria and Catad’Or Wine Awards – an international contest among the most important wines, sparkling drinks and spirits in Latin America with a track record of 24 years.

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With a modern design, the 70 guest rooms at Hotel Cumbres Lastarria stand out because of their design, where textures and colors act as a backdrop to the impressive timber bedheads containing fragments of Chilean works of art representative of the history of Santiago, whose originals can be found in the Museum of Beaux Art.

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This boutique hotel with its modern design is located in one the capital’s Bohemian districts whose wide-open spaces vibrate to the rhythms of the city. The Cumbres Lastarria was built with modern architecture in mind, located at a privileged spot in the heart of a thriving and bewitching district, famous for its cultural history, museums, shops and restaurants. It is the perfect place to get to know and enjoy the attractive cultural life and gastronomy that is the hallmark of this sector of the city.

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While on safari escape to the Amani Spa at Earth Lodge and indulge in holistic body, skin and beauty rituals, treatments and massages.

The gym facilities at Earth Lodge offer cardio equipment in a safe and air-conditioned environment while still capturing the beautiful views out towards the bush.

Each morning and evening you will depart from this luxury safari lodge into the wilderness, either by open safari vehicle or on foot for a walking safari, accompanied by your armed and knowledgeable Game Ranger and Shangaan Tracker. Close enough to share in a thrilling encounter with Africa’s beautiful wild creatures.

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The Amber Suite is a glorious celebration of generous size and space. Beyond belief in its beauty, from the magnificent carved wooden headboard to the deep egg-shaped bath, the suite boasts its own study and kitchen. It captures the spirit of nature and luxury in one unique experience.

The outdoor boma, its walls sculpted from tree roots and piled up piece by piece, captures the drama of the African night and evokes the power of the wilderness.

An indoor/outdoor dining area overlooking a waterhole and unending bushveld, a secluded library, art gallery, meditation garden; and an underground wine cellar with a collection of over 6000 bottles of rare wines, the venue for an unforgettable dining experience – everything at this luxury lodge has been created for your indulgence.