The Savute Marsh, some of which lies in the famous Chobe National park,  has been the stage for many of the most dramatic wildlife documentaries in Africa. The wide open country, good populations of large mammals like buffalo and elephant and particularly strong prides of lion and hyena clans make for dramatic African wildlife safari interaction and excellent viewing opportunities. The marsh is prime cheetah country and it is not unusual to see wild dog hunting in the Savute during the wet season.

Activities focus on game drives in open 4×4 safari vehicles in the Savute area including the Savute Marsh and the ancient Africa San rock paintings at Gubatsa Hills. The dry winter months offer incredible game viewing as the parched wildlife congregates at the water holes and river to drink – here you may witness the famed elephant hunting lions in action. Please note that activities are restricted within the national park in accordance with government rules and regulations: these include no driving off-road, no walking and no driving after dark.