Unlike the vast majority of the country, the Savute Region is not a totally flat landscape: large outcrops of volcanic rock reach up out of the Kalahari sands towering over the endless savannah. These hills provide a habitat for a completely different array of small wildlife, birds and plants. The sand ridge, Goha Hills, and the dead trees on the Savute Marsh, offer some spectacular photographic opportunities. The Savute Marsh has been the stage for many of the most dramatic wildlife documentaries in Africa. The wide open country, good ungulate populations and particularly strong prides of lion and hyena clans make for dramatic wildlife interaction and excellent viewing opportunities. The marsh is prime cheetah country and it is not unusual to see wild dog hunting in the Savute in the wet season.

Activities offered at the Ghoha Hills Lodge are birding, stargazing and game drives to the nearby pans. Guests must also enjoy the full Savute experience of the marsh and the Savute Channel with a picnic lunch. There is a private hide a few kilometers from camp which provides guests with a close-up & personal experience of wildlife throughout the day and the most amazing sunsets.