Fly over the brilliant blues and greens of the Okavango Delta to your final safari camp, Pelo. The Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s, and the world’s, largest inland deltas situated in the middle of the largest stretch of continuous sand in the world – the Kalahari basin. This African oasis in the middle of the desert is a rich yet fragile ecosystem, providing a life source for an incredible variety of wildlife. A wealth of species have adapted to the contrasting conditions created by living in the harsh Kalahari desert which is transformed annually with the arrival of the delta flood waters originating in Angola.

Flood levels fluctuate dramatically throughout the year, with high water levels peaking in the central Okavango during the dry winter months and water levels at their lowest during the later summer months, contrary to the seasonal rainfall. While out on safari one is more likely to find game concentrated around the permanent water during the dry season (Apr – Oct) as it becoming very hot in the later months. The heronries become active as the migrant birds return to Botswana from September through November, and the bird watching safaris are excellent throughout the summer months. The rainy season (Nov – Apr) invigorates the lush scenery with wild flowers, dramatic thundershowers and spectacular African sunsets. Activities offered here are motor boat safaris, canoeing excursions and walking safaris which allow you to experience the beauty of the unique Okavango Delta.

Sadly on day 9 it’s time to depart. Enjoy one last breakfast in the wilderness before returning to the airstrip for your departing light aircraft flight to Maun to meet your flights home.