Enjoy one last breakfast on the river before it’s time to return to the airstrip for your light aircraft flight via Lusaka to South Luangwa National Park, where you will be met by your guide and transferred to your luxury villa, Chinzombo Camp. South Luangwa’s history dates back some 30 years and is where the concept of walking safaris originated. This national park lies along the Luangwa River and is home to some of Africa’s largest concentrations of wildlife. The lifeblood of the park is the mighty Luangwa River which is one of the most pristine river ecosystems in Africa. The vegetation of the park is predominately dry woodland interspersed with floodplain grasslands, coupled with the dominating Luangwa River and its many languid oxbow lakes. The diverse wildlife along the dambo offers great opportunities for photography, whether you choose to explore on foot with a keen-eyed guide, or range further afield in a safari vehicle. And in the evenings, you dine with the night sounds of Africa for a soundtrack. Well-lit pathways cleared of undergrowth connect the tents to the main bar/lounge. The natural vegetation has been left as undisturbed as possible. Puku Ridge inhabits a remote world of its own, watching the ancient patterns of life and survival while treating its visitors to enjoyably civilized hospitality. Activities include day and night game drives in South Luangwa National Park in open four-wheel-drive vehicles driven by a knowledgeable guide, as well as Guided Walks by a professional guide and an armed national parks scout.