For your final two nights in Zambia, head to Mwamba Bush Camp. Wonderfully remote and peaceful, the site is a relaxed 3-hour bushwalk or 20 minute drive from Kaingo. Both walking safaris, and game drives (day and night) are offered from Mwamba.

The Hippo Hide is located on a deep corner at the confluence of the Luangwa and Mwamba rivers. Here hundreds of hippos congregate throughout the season in both bachelor and breeding pods. The hippo hide is carved into the bank of the river directly above these pods and its inhabitants are hidden by a grass screen. Comfortable seating and cleverly designed camera props make this a photographers dream. Also watch the resident crocodile who has learnt to snatch unsuspecting Oxpeckers from the hippos back. Watch elephants, giraffe and buffalo coming in to drink .

The Elephant Hide is a platform nestled between an Ebony and a Sausage tree directly above a centuries old elephant highway. Knowledge is passed from elders to juvenile elephants in the community and for hundreds of years this beautiful spot in the river has been used for drinking, mud bathing, social greeting and river crossing. When the elephants come to the river at the crossing point, the guides gather everyone and race to the hide where the tree gives us a unique – and safe – vantage point from which to watch their activities.