Carmine Bee-eater Hide is put in place early in September once the Carmines are established at their nesting site. Carmines build their nests in huge colonies into the river bank so the is built hide in the middle of the river in order to get the best viewing angle and distance. Getting to the hide is an adventure in and off itself – walk across the long beach with an armed scout and wade through the river to the anchored boat-hide. The Carmines are very used to the hide’s presence and carry on about their business as though it wasn’t there. This hide provides fantastic photo opportunities of this spectacular bird. A must for serious birders and novices alike!

Mwamba’s Last Waterhole Hide is perched on an outcrop directly above an active waterhole. This waterhole is busy throughout the season, but is most spectacular from late September when all the other water in the area has dried up. This waterhole provides fantastic opportunities to watch different species of thirsty game coming in to drink. The stage remains constant but the players change throughout the day – it is very easy to while away hours in this hide watching the ever changing show. It is particularly good in the mornings between 8 and 9am.

On day 9, return to Kaingo Camp for one last night in the African bush. On day 10 it’s sadly time to depart. Take your last snaps today before you are transferred back through the park to the airstrip for the light aircraft flight from South Luangwa back to Lusaka to meet your departing flights. Breakfast.