This morning drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, passing through Fort Portal and then south along the eastern length of the Rwenzori Mountains, (‘The Mountains of the Moon’) with the hope of viewing the glaciated peaks before the descending into The Great Rift Valley. Stop for a photo at the Equator marker before continuing into the park. Queen Elizabeth National Park sits in a fertile, equatorial valley and has beautiful scenery. It is Uganda’s most popular and accessible safari game reserve, with a total area of 1978 km². The park’s diversity is impressive with grassy plains, dense rain forests, papyrus swamps, the Kazinga Channel connecting Lake George and Lake Edward, and natural volcanic crater lakes. As a result it has one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game reserve in the world, including a total of 95 recorded mammal species and more then 610 species of birds. In the afternoon, explore the park and its wonders on a game drive. Arrive at the Kyambura Game Lodge in time to enjoy sunset overlooking the park, the Rift Valley and Rwenzori Mountains beyond.