Gorillas are our closest living relatives among the World’s great apes, studies of fossils, genes, physiology and behavior have revealed just how recently our shared lineage divided. Gorillas are complex, highly intelligent apes besieged by threats on all sides, including poachers, diseases and confined to a dwindling habitat that is in constant danger of being further eroded or depleted. Charismatic animals such as Gorillas serve as “flagship” species. The Mountain gorilla not only attracts public support in its own right, but also helps to focus attention on its afro-montane habitat, upon which many other species depend for survival. Only about 880 mountain gorillas survive today, all of them in the wild in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo. While the population had been on the decline in the late 1990s, the 2011 mountain gorilla census showed an increase in population due to conservation efforts. The population was confirmed to have increased to 400 within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park from 302 in 2006. Return to Gorilla Forest Camp to clean up after tough days trekking, a delicious hot meal and celebratory drink toasting a, hopefully, successful gorilla trek. NOTE: We cannot guarantee seeing the gorillas.

On day 10, sadly it’s time to depart. This morning drive about 1.5 hrs to Kihihi airstrip for the scheduled charter flight to Kajjansi. You are then transferred to Entebbe International Airport for your onward departure flight. International flights must depart after 4 PM today to allow for ample connection time. Bid farewell to your guide and take with you memories of your safari in Uganda to last a lifetime! Breakfast, lunch.