Kwandwe Private Game Reserve offers guests the opportunity to help preserve endangered species’ on a unique Rhino Darting Program. The program provides an exciting insight into Kwandwe’s black and white rhinos and their differing behavioral patterns. The first day you will explore the reserve by vehicle in the morning and this afternoon the rhino program commences with full briefings that include an explanation of how the dart system works and a summary of the populations and the individual animals that they will be looking to notch and microchip.

The following day your will be introduced to the wildlife vet who will be performing the operation. Taking to the skies in a helicopter, the vet will locate, dart and sedate the rhino whilst the rest of the team travel overland, accompanied by Angus Sholto-Douglas (co-owner and the conservation manager) who will explain the entire procedure, outlining what to look for in a successful rhino anesthesia and allocating specific roles. Once safe to approach the sedated rhino, you may join the specialist ranger team to play your role in administering medication, taking measurements for scientific and medical purposes along with DNA samples for the national database and monitoring the animal whilst under sedation. You will also have an opportunity to drill the rhino horns for the insertion of microchips in the nuchrial hump and perform ear-notching procedures for future identification – both essential tasks to ensure the preservation of these magnificent animals. Once the procedure has been completed, you are invited to explore the 22,000 hectare/ 54,000 reserve by helicopter for a birds eye view of the magnificent landscape!