After an early breakfast this morning you will head south along the picturesque Marienfluss Valley. You will pass the Holy Mountain of the Himba as well as the towering Mt Ojiunaune and Mt Otjiomuhana peaks while meandering your way back to the settlement of Orupembe. Depending on the season, your guide will either head along the Hoarusib and Khumib Rivers, hopefully spotting desert adapted wildlife, including elephant and giraffe or, should the season not allow, you will head through the western vast and silent plains. After a scenic picnic lunch stop under the welcoming shade of towering camel thorn and ana trees you will make your way down the river. This is also well known area for desert adapted wildlife, including elephants and lions.

After visiting the Himba settlement you will continue onto Puros, a small settlement of a population of less than 300 Himba and Herero herders. You will arrive at the luxurious Okahirongo Elephant Lodge in the late afternoon, with time to revel in the luxury of the lodge and enjoy an entertaining evening reminiscing about the experiences of the past days while enjoying the comforts of the lodge.