Today you head to Etosha National Park, traveling via the Grootberg Pass. Along the way you will visit a local Himba settlement; we may have to search for a while as the semi-nomadic Himba people tend move location with no notice! The Himba are one of the last traditional peoples of Namibia and one of the last truly nomadic tribes in Africa. They are a tall, slender and statuesque people, characterized especially by their proud yet friendly bearing. The women especially are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, enhanced by intricate hairstyles and traditional adornments. We will learn about the customs and traditions of this very proud people, and will be given insight into their beliefs, way of life and everyday routine. After visiting the Himba you will head east through the small town of Kamanjab before heading on for tonight’s destination at the homely Andersson’s Camp, which is situated just south of the Etosha National Parks Andersson Gate. A picnic lunch will be had en-route and arrival will be in the very late afternoon or early evening (after a long but rewarding day). After your arrival you will have some time at leisure, which can be spent appreciating the unique surroundings and enjoying the game viewing at the camp’s floodlit waterhole.