This morning after breakfast, you are transferred by road to Laikipa ,considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild northern frontier country, you will arrive in time for lunch at Lewa Safari Camp and in the afternoon, enjoy the camp’s schedules activities. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is situated within Lewa Downs, a 62,000 acre ranch and wildlife sanctuary. It is home to over 10% of Kenya’s entire black and white rhino population, and also the perfect choice for catching the big 5, in addition to a diverse array of plains game species all perfectly adapted for the semi desert environment. Additionally, the Grevy’s Zebra and the Reticulated Giraffe are common while the lance-like horned Beisa Oryx and the rare Greater Kudu are seasonal visitors. All year residents include the Guenther’s Dikdik, the giraffe-necked Gerenuk and the beautiful blue-legged Somali Ostrich. Birdlife is equally rich with numerous species of Bustard, Plover, Coursers and birds of prey. At night, leopard are frequently encountered along with bush-babies, aardvarks, bat-eared foxes, caracal and various mongooses, genets and civets – given all this a few days in Lewa will give you a unique combination of hospitality, spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.