The advantage of being located in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is that guests are surrounded by rich game viewing opportunities without the crowds. There is a very good chance of seeing all of the “Big Five” and Lewa is one of the only game parks where visitors are almost guaranteed to see the endangered black and white rhinos. With the backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kenya and the diversity of scenery from open plains, rolling hills, valleys, escarpments and rivers, Lewa is a magical place to game drive.

You don’t have to be an expert but go for a horse-ride if you want to imagine life as a zebra out on the plains. Our horses have been trained to allow inexperienced riders to get on the hoof. An experienced guide will lead the ride and deepen the experience of your encounters. Being on horseback means that wildlife doesn’t recognize you as human and you’ll travel through the plains as if wearing an invisibility cloak! (Please note that camel & horseback rides for children under 8 years old are at the guide’s discretion.)