Hiking in the African bush might sound like hard work, but in reality it is an adventure dictated entirely by your own pace. Spend the days ambling and exploring, and arrive in the evening at your fly camp. What’s a fly camp? We set up a stripped-back camp with custom-built dome tents and dinner around the campfire. Just you and your staff and guides under the stars. Tracking is easy in the rich, alluvial soil, and your Hadzabe guides will teach your family to read the pug-marks and prints… as well as how to harvest honey, light fires the real way, make bows and arrows, and silently stalk prey. This is a teenager’s dream come true (and most adults feel the same way, too)!

Walking in this wild space, you will feel the opening of your senses and your ability to read and interpret the signals of the bush. You will learn to see the landscape through the eyes of the Hadzabe, immeasurably enhancing the richness of the way you experience it. Enjoy the active participation of engaging with your surroundings, and cultivate a fuller appreciation of the endless intricacies that make up the magic of the bush. Sleep in comfort and safety under canvas and beneath the skies iridescent with sparkling stars. Listen to centuries-old folklore and learn astronomy around the camp fire as you drink in the nocturnal sounds of the African night.