Today rise early for a remarkable day of culture and a peek into the an ancient way of life. You will have a morning hunt with the Hadzabe tribe, and later visit the Datoga tribesmen in the nearby village. The Wahadzabes are an off-shoot of the Acadi tribe. It is believed that they separated from the Acadi’s in the 1700s. Never numbering more than 30 people, the Wahadzabes are a very secretive and protective community, although more visible than their parent tribe.

They inhabit the area near Lake Eyasi and are primarily a hunting and gathering community, whose livelihood depends on wildlife and other forest products. They are one of the most traditional and ‘primitive’ tribes in all of Africa. In 1995 it was reported that they were on the verge of extinction, because of denial of rights to own and use land in the area they occupy. Small in stature and speaking in an ancient click dialect, the Bushmen survive by their ability to blend into their surroundings and subsist off the land.

You will have the privileged opportunity to meet with the Wahadzabe tribe and observe and try your hand at hunting and gathering techniques that have remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. Learn to hunt with a bow and arrow and start a fire or join the women gathering roots, tubers and wild fruit and preparing food. Exploring a way of life vastly different to our own is an unforgettable experience. You will visit the Datoga farmers this afternoon and then return to Kisima Ngeda for dinner and overnight.